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Top Art - artificial flowers and plants

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  • 130255AU - Calla

    Calla (Zantedeschia), 13 x 15cm, 73 cm

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  • 130255GW - Calla

    Calla (Zantedeschia), 13 x 15cm, 73 cm

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  • 130255OR - Calla

    Calla (Zantedeschia), 13 x 15cm, 73 cm

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  • 130255RS - Calla

    Calla (Zantedeschia), 13 x 15cm, 73 cm

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  • 130179GR - Amaranth

    Amaranth maxi, 27 clusters flowers, 3 leaves, 147cm

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  • An artificial green wall panel - 188250FRUV

    UV safe & FR (fire retardant) - back in stock, with an ingenious suspension system, with extra-discounts ...

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  • Monstera Deliciosa - 973290GR

    Monstera deliciosa - sweet cheese plant -, 'Top Green', 64 leaves, 190cm

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  • Croton Codiaeum - 938650

    Croton Codiaeum (garden croton), 8 trunks (real wood), 336 lvs., 150cm

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  • Bamboo 'Lantau' - 912660UV

    Bamboo 'Lantau' with 7 trunks, 1.280 lvs., UVsafe, 165cm, UV safe

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  • Lavandula - 731112FRUV

    Lavandula, 12 flowers, 42 lvs., FR & UV safe, H. 35cm

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  • Scindapsus - 777655UV

    Scindapsus (Epripremnum) hanging plant, 60 lvs., 72 cm, UV safe

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  • Monstera deliciosa - 711422FRUV

    Monstera deliciosa (cheese plant), 15 leaves, FR & UV safe, 40cm

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  • Artificial laurel wreath - 186140GRUV

    Artificial laurel wreath (Laurus nobilis) 'Top Green', Ø 40cm, UV safe, on rattan base

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  • 150410GRUV - Grape leaf branch

    Grape leaf branch (Vitis vinifera) 18 leaves, UV safe, 62cm

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  • 131108LB - Nigella

    Nigella (Persian jewel) 6 vertakkingen, 4 bloemen, 2 knoppen, 15 sets blad, 66cm

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  • Magnolia stellata - 130987WR

    Magnolia stellata (Stermagnolia), 6 flowers & 12 buds, 96,5cm

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  • Magnolia stellata - 130986RS

    Magnolia stellata (star magnolia), 4 flowers, 60cm

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  • Clematis 'GardenArt' - 130405LP

    Clematis 'GardenArt', 2 flowers, 1 bud, 9 lvs., flocked stem, 76cm

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Top Quality - since 1959

TOP ART International - Import/Export - delivers lifelike artificial flowers, plants and trees. Exquisite and luxury silk flowers and "natural" to the last detail for gorgeous everlasting flower arrangements.

Your creativity knows no bounds ....

Lilac: Beauties which take your breath away!


Top Art International - Dongen
Top Art International - Dongen

As one of the biggest suppliers, as wholesaler, as importer and exporter, of high quality artificial flowers Top Art International is internationally well known on the European market. Artificial flowers belong to our main assortment, but we also have a wide range of artificial leaves, branches, twigs, fruits, greenery, flowering plants and trees.

Customer's requests do have a central place in our company. We always want to fulfill our customer's special requests.

We do supply for example:

- Wholesalers, Garden centers, Florists
- Furniture stores, Decoration trade, bigger gift stores

Why Top Art?

  • Our Mission

    We want to see you as a happy customer! Have a good feeling buying from us. Top Art offers you:

    - 60 years of experience
    - good basic assortment
    - a constantly changing trend-assortment
    - good value for money
    - we appreciate a long-term, stable and trustworthy business relationship

    Give it a try and call or mail us. How do the dutch people say: A "YES" you can get, a "NO" you already have. Something like that ...

  • Shop 'til you drop

    Do you need big quantities? No problem! You can get it here or ask for at Even full container loads are possible.

    Everything starts with an inquiry - don't be shy. Take the chance and put the items of your interest into the basket, let us know the quantity you need and push the button: "Send us an offer/ a quote"

    Please shout - we are happy to help!

  • Quality it is

    Yes, we know: It's all fake... but really good!

    Here at Top Art we feel your desire for quality at a nice price. Always a challenge worth fighting for. Convince yourself and visit us at our showroom. Here you can see it and feel it!

    Our customers are appreciate our daily efforts to let that happen. 60 years until now.

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